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Tamara Beach: Your paradise in Los Cabos

Tamara Beach paradise in Los Cabos

Tamara Beach is the new and vibrant beach club in Los Cabos that invites you to relax and live an extraordinary day by the iconic Medano Beach. Our spaces are designed to offer a spectacular view of the famous Los Cabos Arch, a world-renowned landscape that has become a must-see postcard of the destination. At Tamara, we celebrate the simple pleasures of life, such as feeling the soft sand between your toes, enjoying a sunny day, delighting in an oceanfront meal and savoring refreshing cocktails.  

It’s the perfect place to enjoy a memorable day at the beach and share special moments with friends, family or even alone. The essence of Tamara is fresh, radiant and optimistic, creating a cozy atmosphere for you to enjoy an exceptional day while contemplating the best views of Los Cabos. 

Tamara Beach has a privileged location on the spectacular Medano Beach. Our beach club is located right on the seashore, right next to Funky Geisha in ME Cabo hotel, providing you with a unique connection experience and unparalleled moments of relaxation. Our comfortable sunbeds invite you to immerse yourself in an extraordinary atmosphere where the waves set the rhythm of your day and you enjoy an enviable view. 

This new beach club in Los Cabos is more than a stunning location, it’s also a gastronomic paradise. Our menu offers a wide selection of dishes prepared with the finest seafood. From fresh ceviches and crispy tostadas to irresistible tacos and burgers. Taste those delicacies that comfort the soul and make your day at the beach even more fabulous. 

Each dish has been carefully prepared with the finest ingredients to delight your palate, in addition to the exquisite food, at Tamara Beach you can also enjoy a selection of refreshing drinks and handcrafted cocktails that will complement your experience and keep you revitalized while you enjoy the sun and the sea breeze. 

Immerse yourself in the magic of Tamara Beach, your paradise in Los Cabos where the beauty of the surroundings merges with exquisite cuisine and unforgettable moments. Discover the true charm of Los Cabos at Tamara Beach.

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